Performing Arts Interpreting

Live interpreting of the performing arts into American Sign Language (ASL) enables Deaf people to participate in cultural activities from which they would otherwise be excluded.  Our goal is to provide the most appropriate interpreter from a selection of interpreters who have a wide range of experience and skill.  Our interpreters do not simply translate words into sign.  They have the expertise to share with a Deaf audience the subtleties of a variety of works from Shakespeare to contemporary and from musical to comedy.

Theatre Advisory Service / Interpreter Education

We can advise theater management and production companies about Deaf Culture and suggest various ways to best communicate with a Deaf audience.  In order to provide the most comprehensive translation, we educate our interpreters about each playwright and then work with them to perfect their technique.

Technical Assistance and Consultations

We can provide technical assistance for theatrical performances and other functions relative to accessibility for the Deaf, allocated seating, stage positioning, lighting, and change-over times for multiple interpreters.  We specialize in reaching the Deaf Community through advertising and other means.

Audience Development / Synopsis Service

We find that an audience educated in the ways of the theater will usually receive more enjoyment from their theatrical experience.  Therefore, prior to the show, we like to provide audience members with play synopses and other pertinent information designed to make their experience more gratifying.

Art Gallery and Museum Tours

Galleries and museums are visual environments greatly enjoyed by Deaf people and a knowledgeable interpreter as guide can enhance appreciation of such venues.  After each tour, we strongly encourage the Deaf attendees to offer detailed feedback for the purpose of improving future tours.


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