Real Time Remote Captioning

DCI provides high quality remote captioning, permitting students to receive a verbatim transcription of live lectures in real time. We can provide the same service for webcast courses and other applications such as conferences and meetings.

How it works…

The speaker wears a wireless microphone, which transmits through the Internet to a remote captioner. The captioner uses the latest technology to generate highly accurate text which is sent back over the Internet to appear on the recipient’s laptop, tablet, etc., providing instant translation.

The benefits of Real Time Remote Captioning are many:

  1. The first wireless lapel microphone can be provided for free, based on volume
  2. Works with Wi-Fi or Ethernet Internet connections
  3. Very user-friendly—works with tablet, laptop, or computer
  4. High accuracy rate, and the transcript provides an additional study tool for the student, which can be considered note taking
  5. Very cost competitive, about half the rate for CART
  6. Minimum job is only one hour
  7. Can be used for classroom, meetings, training sessions, webcasts, and conferences, even available in most common foreign languages


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