DCI offers different captioning and subtitling options to ensure videos are accessible to a broader audience.

Open Caption/Subtitles

Open Caption, also referred to as subtitles, is captioned word-for-word text that can be seen by everybody. This is when captions on films or television shows have the words printed within the video. These captions cannot be turned off and do not require a reader to turn on. Additionally, open captions include descriptions of non-dialog audio to insure the listener, or viewer, fully understands what is happening.

DCI uses the latest technology to imprint text within the video and delivers a completed video file.

Closed Caption

Closed captioning is a more familiar term, one that is required by law. All televisions are built closed-caption ready to enable viewers, or listeners, to turn the captions on or off depending on need. Like open captions, closed captions are word-for-word and include non-dialog audio.

DCI uses the latest technology to deliver a caption file containing both the text and information about when each line of text should be displayed. This file can then be inserted/uploaded to video players like YouTube or Vimeo.


DCI offers transcription services, where a file containing a plain text translation is delivered without any special characters.
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